Pet Food: The Truth


I just read about a recent, hour-long conversation between the FDA and Susan Thixton of the Association for Truth in Pet Food about the use of adulterated ingredients in pet food.  As Susan stated, “furious doesn’t even explain it.”

Here are two statements I must share, and they were taken directly from the conversation link above:

  1.  “The FDA openly admitted they will continue to allow pet food to violate federal law.”
  2. “The simple truth of this situation: with the aid of FDA, the pet food industry is allowed to make billions of dollars each year selling adulterated pet foods to unknowing consumers, and pets are dying because of it.”

This is precisely the reason for Little Man’s Law.  PLEASE sign my petition to require pet food companies to label all pet food products containing adulterated ingredients.  Do it for ALL of our furbabies.

Their lives depend on it.



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