A Most Profound Event …


Jonny and Little Man Cropped.pngJonny and Little Man – Labor Day, 2014

Four years ago today, something happened.  It was an event that has had more affect on my life than just about any other, and based upon what many readers have told me, that’s quite a statement.  It marked the worst … no, I take that back … the second worst thing I have ever witnessed.

A little over fourteen years ago, I was charged with the care of one of God’s most precious souls.  His name was Little Man.  I named him that because he was the only male cat in a house full of females, and also because he was so tiny.  His size became somewhat of a joke among my friends because, well, he grew to be anything but tiny.  And I’m not talking about just his physical size.  He was unlike any creature I have ever known, and I can’t imagine ever being that close to an animal again.

Much has changed since “the big event” four years ago.  That event sent shock waves and altered my life’s journey in unbelievable ways, some that are still unwritten.  I say “unwritten” because, even today, I don’t yet know the final outcome.

Since that day, I have done many things I never dreamed I would do.  First, I witnessed what some would call a miracle.  The picture above, taken two years to the day after the big event, is evidence of that miracle that lead to my first book.  I thought the story was complete, and that’s why I wrote it when I did.

I’ve never been more wrong.

Other events and discoveries since that day have lead to work on a second book, but that effort has been delayed because of even more.  Now I’m juggling a fight for new legislation and another effort about which I’ve been advised to say nothing just yet.

But like a bull in a China shop, I have my head down and am moving forward.

I sometimes ask myself, “Why him?  Why did it have to happen to Little Man?”  But even now, four years later, I must answer by reminding myself that all things happen for a reason.

The next logical question would have to be, “What possible reason could that be?”  The answer is remarkably simple:  because people have to know.

So on this day, four years later, I take a short break to look back and remember an event most profound and a creature most loved to simply say …

God bless Little Man.





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