Little Man’s Law: Naysayers??


payne (30)

Hard to believe, but there are some who think I must be making all this up.  Never mind the supporting links.  Never mind the FDA’s own documentation.  Never mind the “purrents” who watch helplessly as their furbabies get sick and die from pet food.  Nah.  It’s all just a gag.


Got a comment from someone just a few days ago who said, “Bull@#$%! That’s not true.”  When I explained that my petition for Little Man’s Law includes links to evidence (including test results) that support my claims, the response was simply, “I don’t buy it.”

Some people simply cannot be convinced.

But then it occurred to me that the only people who could possibly have anything against Little Man’s Law are those connected to the pet food industry or the FDA.  Even then, the motivation can only be money.

Money, or the life of a beloved pet?  No contest.

So I’m going to keep at it.  Naysayers can keep their eyes closed if they wish.  I just hope they don’t have any pets.

PLEASE sign my petition.  Our pets’ lives really are at stake.



A New Petition for Little Man’s Law


Why a new petition?  Frankly, because the other wasn’t getting much support.  Also, I had some new information I wanted to include.

For all those who signed the first one, thank you.  Now, however, I need your help with the new one.

There’s some additional info in it that, well, if it doesn’t get tons of signatures I don’t know what will.

Please sign and share this new petition.  Our pets’ lives depend on it.


Little Man’s Law – We Are Being Ignored


DSCF3482The Mighty Little Man Wearing His Cape

Yes, it seems my efforts are falling on deaf ears.  I can’t say as I’m all that surprised.  After all, it is an election year.  However, I need your help.

I have personally contacted over a dozen members of Congress in my efforts to garner a sponsor for Little Man’s Law.  However, I found what I believe to be a veritable gold mine of potential support for Little Man’s Law in the 124 members of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus co-chaired by Congressmen Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA).  At the link above, you will see a list of related legislation they support, and I can see no reason why they wouldn’t also support Little Man’s Law if we can get their attention.

I went through all 124 members and determined that only the following appear to accept emails from people outside their constituency. I am including their email links below:

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Co-Chair

Congressman Ami Bera, M.D. (D-CA)

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-IL)

Congressman Gerry Connolloy (D-VA)

Congressman Joe Courtney (D-CT)

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grrisham (D-NM)

Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO)

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) (Select “Share your opinion or comments on bills or other issues” from the drop-down)

Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA)

I request each of you make contact with these Representatives. I suggest you send them the following, which you can copy and paste into your own letter.  If there is a subject box, please type:  A Bill to Enact the Federal Pet Food Labeling and Advertising Act, “Little Man’s Law.”

Dear _________________,

This letter serves to request that you introduce and support legislation to require pet food manufacturers include a warning label on all pet food products containing adulterated ingredients.

I understand you have already been contacted by Mr. Jonathon Payne regarding his proposal for “Little Man’s Law.” There are three points I would like to make in my support for this proposed legislation:

  1. While there are existing laws prohibiting the use of adulterated ingredients in ALL food products, the FDA makes an exception for the use of some of these illegal and unsafe ingredients as long as they are intended only for animal consumption. This is done without the public’s general knowledge.
  2. While there are also existing laws governing the labeling and disclosure of ingredients in pet food products, there is no law or policy requiring the disclosure of whether any of the ingredients are adulterated. This being the case, there is no way for the American consumer to know which products contain these illegal and unsafe ingredients and which do not.
  3. Little Man’s Law, as proposed by Mr. Payne, will not change the way the pet food industry conducts its business, nor will it require a change to the FDA’s Compliance Policy Guidance allowing the use of some adulterated ingredients in animal food products. Little Man’s Law will ONLY require that the American consumer be notified as to which products contain adulterated ingredients.

I hereby request that you introduce Little Man’s Law to Congress as proposed by Mr. Payne. Our pets deserve better.


(include your name here)

To all who plan to send letters to Congress, thank you in advance. This law is important, and many pets’ lives depend on it.

And don’t forget to sign the petition.

All the best,


Mighty Little Man Trivia: The Logo


CapeCape with Logo Worn by Mighty Little Man

There’s a bit of a story about Mighty Little Man’s logo.

When I was trying to come up with an idea for a logo for Little Man’s cape, I knew right off the bat what I wanted.  I wanted it to include his eyes, and I wanted the “M” somehow to be included.  There are several pictures of him where the M on his head, slightly above and between his eyes, can be clearly seen, so I thought that would be a nice touch.

But I also wanted him to look “tough,” so that meant an outdoor shot since I didn’t want his pupils to be round.  I wanted those tough-looking eyes where the pupils are narrow slits.  An outdoor shot, however, is best obtained on a cloudy day.

But “wanting” is one thing.  “Getting” can be “a-whole-nuther something” altogether.

Willing to try, I grabbed my camera, picked up Little Man, and outside we went.  I tried several times over the next four days to get that shot, but even though I got all kinds of pictures of Little Man, not once could I get him to look directly into the camera.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, when Little Man and I were outside in front of the house still going at it, Caroline stepped outside through the front door.  She had been paying attention, but never said a word.  She was just watching and waiting.  Finally, she had had enough.

She rolled her eyes at me, turned around, and went back into the house.  Less than a minute later she came back out with some tuna in her hand.  She showed it to Little Man and let him get a big sniff, then she walked over to me and put that tuna directly on top of my camera lens.  Little Man looked right into the camera, and SNAP!  The picture was done.

I took it to a graphic designer who helped me design the logo, and the rest is history.  In fact, I liked it so much that even though I originally had an entirely different idea in mind, I used it for the front cover of Little Man’s book.  I even copyrighted it.

Remember Caroline’s eye-roll?  There are several instances of that in the book.  She does that to me all the time.

And one of her favorite sayings is, “When you gonna start listenin’ to me?”

Right now, Baby.  Right now.