This is Why We Need Little Man’s Law


Sample Pet Food LabelSample Pet Food Label

The above image is a sample of a pet food product label.  The first three items listed must be the ones shown here.  But did you know that in a nutritional analysis test, boot leather can be mistaken for protein, wood shavings can be mistaken for fiber, and motor oil (yes, motor oil) can be mistaken for fat?

In fact, this has already been demonstrated.  This video is almost an hour long, but it shows just how bad things really are.  When we talk about “adulterated ingredients,” these are the kinds of things that fall into that category.

This is why we desperately need Little Man’s Law.  Please sign the petition and share it with every pet owner you know.

Our pets’ lives depend on it.


An Unfinished Life


Boss Man 3Boss Man

Have you ever met a cat that just seemed to stick with you, but you didn’t know why?

I first met Boss Man several weeks ago.  I walked into Catisfaction Cat Clinic to pick up some cat food and stepped into the boarding area to see who was in there.  On that day, the first kitty I saw was this orange tabby.  He looked up at me and began kneeding his bedding, purring, and talking away.  I opened the door to his kennel as he stretched his head toward me for a scratch.  He loved it.

What I didn’t know was that he was a feral.

Boss Man, as Dr. Gandy, the veterinarian treating him called him, was being regularly fed by two kind women.  They never touched him, but kept him from going hungry.  One day, they found him dragging his hind legs, unable to walk.  For the first time, they were able to get close, so they picked him up and brought him to Dr. Gandy.

For several weeks, he received whatever care he needed.  Dr. Gandy couldn’t find anything significantly wrong with him other than a large bruise on his back end.  A sling was prepared for him to help him get back on his feet:

Boss Man 2

Soon, he seemed to be much better and was wheeling himself all around the clinic.  I didn’t expect he would be there much longer and would soon be all better.

Then, just a few days ago, I was back at the clinic and was shocked when I saw him.  For unknown reasons, he had stopped eating, drinking, and had lost a lot of weight.  It was apparent that something was terribly wrong.  He had a feeding tube and was having difficulty breathing.  My heart ached.

I pulled a chair to his kennel, opened the door, and reached in and picked him up.  I just held him in my lap for a while.  As he purred, I gently stroked his fur and quietly talked to him.  He seemed to enjoy it.

Barely two days later, I got a text from Dr. Gandy.  The Boss Man was gone.

His was an unfinished life, gone but not forgotten.  He wasn’t mine, but I plan to look for him one day at the Bridge.  I hope he recognizes me.

So run free, my friend.  I don’t know much about you, but I’m glad we had a few minutes together.  Say hello to all my furry friends who got there before you.  I’ll see you all soon.


Mighty Little Man Review – “Couldn’t Lay it Down!”


“One never knows who one might meet.”  Ever heard that?  Well, it’s certainly true for me.

Last May, I took Little Man to Catisfaction Cat Clinic here in Madison, Alabama, for bloodwork or something and happened to run into the kindest lady in the waiting area.  Today she is the Mighty Little Man’s self-proclaimed #1 fan!  She wrote her own review of Little Man’s book and posted it to Amazon.  I want to share it with all of you:

The Title of her review:  Finished it at 2 a.m., couldn’t lay it down!

Here’s what she said:

You will laugh. You will cry. You will live every word as you grow to love the book, the people, and the animals. Not just a book for cat lovers, or for softies: Jonny rides motorcycles, restores classic cars, works as an aerospace engineer, in addition to having had some very exciting experiences in the Air Force. He weaves his human adventures together with his animal adventures, and the whole cloth becomes a beautiful story of love and devotion.

I take my cats to Catisfaction Cat Clinic in Madison, AL, and have had the honor and pleasure to meet Jonny Payne and his Mighty Little Man. They continue to inspire with their strength and perseverance, and most of all, their love.

Yes, it’s reviews like that that make writing a book entirely worthwhile.

Thank you, Caryl!