More Reviews from Fans


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As I continue to share some of the reviews of Little Man’s book, Mighty Little Man:  My Story, His Story, Our Story, here are two more.

The first is from Melanie:

What an awe-inspiring book! Couldn’t put it down and read it in two days. To find a person that will go to any lengths to make the best life for their four-legged companion with such compassion is truly heart-fulfilling. Little Man is a lucky cat!

The other is from another Amazon customer:

Mighty Little Man is a truly remarkable book about a truly remarkable cat! You will be amazed as you read about the adventures of this cat and the man who loves him.

Thank you both for such wonderful words!

Lastly, here’s a link to the book on Amazon:

Thanks to all of our fans!


Jonny Cat Litter Box Liners – An Unsolicited Review



I will readily admit that I hope to one day have my name on an item in the grocery store.  That item will hopefully be my book, Mighty Little Man:  My Story, His Story, Our Story.  However, imagine my surprise when I spotted these on the shelf.  Even “Jonny” is spelled like my name.  Although litter box liners are not exactly what I had in mind, I decided to provide my own review just for the heck of it.

As litter box liners go, these really are the best I’ve come across, and I’ve used several.  First, by “Jumbo,” these really are Jumbo.  I’ve purchased others with that description only to find that they didn’t fit our litter box.  I still had to stretch them to the point of tearing.  These, however, are oversized and will fit almost any litter box with no problem.

Second, many other liners seem to be on the flimsy side.  Not these.  They’re thicker than most garbage bags, and therefore are much more resistant to tearing.  I can’t say I never tore one, but when I did it was usually because I was trying to carry waaaay too much litter, and even then the tear was very minor and I was still able to draw up and tie the drawstring.

As far as litter box liners go, I won’t buy any other brand.

I just hope this isn’t the only thing I ever see my name on.  🙂

Another Review of Mighty Little Man


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Hello friends!  As I continue to share some of the reviews of my book, Mighty Little Man:  My Story, His Story, Our Story, this one is from “MJ” on Amazon:

I have six cats so this was an easy book to buy. Although this story is about one INCREDIBLE cat, it is also a story about life’s journey. I was inspired and enlightened by Jonathan’s raw and honest narrative about how he became the compassionate and all-consuming animal lover that he is. It’s amazing how events when younger have such a dramatic influence on who we eventually become. Mighty Little Man is about goals, failures and successes. It is a testament to always follow your heart and never give up. But most off all, it’s a story about unconditional love between one man and his very special cat.

Thank you, MJ, for that wonderful review!

About Labor Day


Labor Day will always hold a very different meaning for me. It was on Labor Day that Little Man’s terrible ordeal began. Three years ago, on Monday, September 3, 2012, our lives changed forever.

On that horrible day, Little Man suddenly found himself at death’s door. But what could have been even more tragic turned into a time of triumph. Little Man survived. Against all odds, he fought his way through to victory.

However, there were things I didn’t know when I wrote his book, Mighty Little Man: My Story, His Story, Our Story. Things that didn’t come to light until later. I never knew just what an incredible feat Little Man’s survival really was.

Now, I believe I do. Some would even call it a miracle.

They just might be right.