Little Man Visited His Granny


The Mighty Little Man on a recent visit to see my mother.

Little Man and Granny 1 Little Man and Granny 2

You know you’re a “hook, line, & sinker” cat person when:

As you brush your teeth over the sink in the bathroom and a kitten walks along the counter between you and the sink, you gently hold her to you to keep her from falling in the sink while you lean over to spit out the toothpaste.

Dr. Gandy is right. I’m “The Sucker.”

1st Book Signing

What's all the fuss about? It's my nap time!

What’s all the fuss about? It’s my nap time!


I’m ready …


David, Barney and Melissa enjoy the book signing and share photos of their favorite felines! How cool!


It was a blast watching everyone search their phones for photos of their cats. Many stories shared and a good time was had by all! Just awesome!


Lee made my day. He already read his copy of Mighty Little Man and his first words to me were, “I really enjoyed your book.”

Wow! Our first book signing at Catisfaction was awesome. We had a blast meeting fellow cat lovers and talking about Mighty Little Man. We’re looking forward to the next signing. Stay tuned. Details to come!



Thought I’d share some pictures of my time with host Carrie Marchese and camera operator O’Harold at WHNT-19 News at Noon yesterday.  It was AWESOME!  Thank you Carrie and O’Harold!!

Getting wired up for the interview.

Getting wired up for the interview.

We're LIVE!!!

We’re LIVE!!!

After the interview with WHNT-19 host Carrie Marchese.

After the interview with WHNT-19 host Carrie Marchese.

With WHNT-19 camera operator O'Harold.  Nothing works without him!

With WHNT-19 camera operator O’Harold. Nothing works without him!