Mighty Little Man


Back in November, I was walking through the mall at the PX on base when I noticed a painting of a cat.  I was amazed at how lifelike it looked, especially considering it was a very fluffy cat.  I asked, “Who did that?”

Her name is Stephanie Weaver, and she specializes in pet portraits.

I whipped out a picture of Little Man and asked, “Can you do this, but add his cape?”

The rest is history.  You can order prints directly from Stephanie here.

For those not familiar with the Mighty Little Man, in his younger days he was mascot of my unit in the US Air Force.  That’s the origin of his cape.  Later, he helped me restore my first car, and that was the only vehicle he would ride in willingly.  When he was about eight years old, he chased a burglar out of the house during a break-in and refused to move from the center of the destruction until I got home.

Then in September 2012, Labor Day, something terrible happened.  He wound up in the hospital and was not expected to live.  Against all odds, he pulled through.  The whole story is in his book, Mighty Little Man:  My Story, His Story, Our Story It’s available in paperback, hard cover, and Kindle formats on Amazon.

But his story doesn’t end there.  In April 2015, something else happened.  He again survived, and in so doing exposed a horrible truth that has lead to Congressional involvement.

All told, the Mighty Little Man has three world records, was named 2016 Pet of the Year by the World Record Academy, and is namesake of proposed legislation known as Little Man’s Law.

His veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Gandy called him, “one seriously tough kitty.”  In fact, that quote is included on t-shirts and other clothing items featuring Little Man’s official logo.

Book and t-shirt orders help me in my fight for Little Man’s Law.  It’s that important.  Our fur babies lives depend on it.

Thank you for your support!