Who Would You Want in Your Furbaby’s Corner?


Jonny, Little Man, and Steph

Jonny, Little Man, and Dr. Stephanie Gandy

Finding a good veterinarian is like finding a good mechanic … once found, the best thing to do is grab hold with both hands and don’t let go.

For us, that veterinarian is Dr. Stephanie Gandy at Catisfaction Cat Clinic, a cat-only facility in Madison, Alabama.

When my beloved Little Man was going through his terrible ordeal, Dr. Gandy’s own staff asked her, “What are we doing, Doc?  This cat should have been put down days ago.”  Dr. Gandy responded, “No.  I won’t give up until Little Man does.”

Little Man never gave up, and neither did Dr. Gandy.  As a result, Little Man was credited with multiple world records for his miraculous recovery, and Dr. Gandy hasn’t stopped doing what she does.

For example, a while ago, a kitten was brought to her with a neck injury.  He was paralyzed from the neck down but with no obvious physical damage.  Several of us took turns feeding him, which involved supporting his entire weight (all in one hand) while he ate from his little bowl.  Dr. Gandy’s husband, Chris, is an engineer, and he rigged up a sling so that Hisstopher, as Dr. Gandy called him, could slowly learn to walk again.  It took time and patience, but guess what?  Hisstopher is fine today.

The same kind of thing happened to another kitten later, and today THAT kitten is all better, too.

And did you know Dr. Gandy is the ONLY veterinarian for miles around who can CURE, not just treat, hyperthyroidism?

Now there’s another cat in her clinic, a feral male Dr. Gandy calls, “Boss Man.”  Not sure why just yet, but he can’t walk on his hind legs.  I met him the other day.  When I walked into the boarding area at Catisfaction, he looked right at me and began kneading his bedding, purring, and talking like crazy.  I opened the door to his kennel, and he stretched his neck toward me so I could scratch his head.  He loved it.  Certainly seems to me he’s happy to be off the street, paralyzed or not.

I know anything can happen and nothing is certain, but I’m not too worried.  Boss Man has someone in his corner.  He has Dr. Gandy.

I don’t think she knows how to give up.

So I ask you, who would YOU want in YOUR furbaby’s corner?