The “Miracle” Family


Miri and FamilyMiri” and Her Kittens

Last Saturday, my wife Caroline did something she never does.  She stopped at a pet store because she saw a sign that said, “Adoption Day.”  With four cats in the house, she wasn’t looking for another.  Fate had other plans.

The next thing I knew she was filling out a form to be a foster “purrent” through MARF, the Madison Animal Rescue Foundation.  The first call came within less than a day.  A mama and five two-week-old kittens desperately needed a foster home.

I don’t know the whole story, but apparently the mama and her five kittens were dropped at a shelter on Wednesday and found themselves on the kill list two days later.  That’s right, two whole days (they’re supposed to wait a minimum of seven).  MARF was able to get a “stay” until after the weekend — enough time to talk to us about taking them in.  What could we say?

Before we took them in (they were due to be checked out by a vet on Monday), there was another surprise phone call.  Another mama, only six months old herself, had her own kittens, three of them.  One died, and she being so young had apparently rejected the other two.  The MARF folks decided to see if the mama we were going to take, with her five kittens, would be acceptable to two more.  She was.

Meet Miri (short for Miracle) and her seven kittens.  Caroline picked them all up on Tuesday while I was at work.  When I got home, oh boy  … we now have all eight of them in our master bathroom.  In the picture above, I count only six kittens, but rest assured, there’s seven.  A multi-colored one is under that pile of fluff somewhere.

Miri is a total sweetheart.  I expected her to be scared, defensive, aggressive, or whatever, but she was none of that.  She’s much smaller than I expected, but she’s a wonderful mama.  The MARF folks gave us food, formula, and a scale to weigh the kittens so we can get them on their way to growing up big and strong — with Miri’s help of course.

But, first things first.  They were filthy!  Guess who got to bathe seven kittens?  That’s right.  Me! (Anyone who’s read my book about Little Man knows all too well how Caroline is about “smells.”)  Even Miri had caked-on poop all over her tail, bless her heart, but she let me clean her up, no problem.

Gosh, did I mention she’s a sweetheart?

Stay tuned for more updates on the Miracle Family!


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