Mighty Little Man Trivia: The Logo


CapeCape with Logo Worn by Mighty Little Man

There’s a bit of a story about Mighty Little Man’s logo.

When I was trying to come up with an idea for a logo for Little Man’s cape, I knew right off the bat what I wanted.  I wanted it to include his eyes, and I wanted the “M” somehow to be included.  There are several pictures of him where the M on his head, slightly above and between his eyes, can be clearly seen, so I thought that would be a nice touch.

But I also wanted him to look “tough,” so that meant an outdoor shot since I didn’t want his pupils to be round.  I wanted those tough-looking eyes where the pupils are narrow slits.  An outdoor shot, however, is best obtained on a cloudy day.

But “wanting” is one thing.  “Getting” can be “a-whole-nuther something” altogether.

Willing to try, I grabbed my camera, picked up Little Man, and outside we went.  I tried several times over the next four days to get that shot, but even though I got all kinds of pictures of Little Man, not once could I get him to look directly into the camera.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, when Little Man and I were outside in front of the house still going at it, Caroline stepped outside through the front door.  She had been paying attention, but never said a word.  She was just watching and waiting.  Finally, she had had enough.

She rolled her eyes at me, turned around, and went back into the house.  Less than a minute later she came back out with some tuna in her hand.  She showed it to Little Man and let him get a big sniff, then she walked over to me and put that tuna directly on top of my camera lens.  Little Man looked right into the camera, and SNAP!  The picture was done.

I took it to a graphic designer who helped me design the logo, and the rest is history.  In fact, I liked it so much that even though I originally had an entirely different idea in mind, I used it for the front cover of Little Man’s book.  I even copyrighted it.

Remember Caroline’s eye-roll?  There are several instances of that in the book.  She does that to me all the time.

And one of her favorite sayings is, “When you gonna start listenin’ to me?”

Right now, Baby.  Right now.

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