The “Pet of the Year” Trophy


Trophy 22016 Pet of the Year Award

Ok, a photographer I’m not, but I thought this was worth a picture.

This trophy was delivered last week, and it’s one of the nicest trophies I’ve ever seen.  It stands about 19 inches tall, is apparently made of solid steel, and weighs about 10 lbs.  A certificate is also on the way.  I’m told it will read:

‘2016 Pet of the Year’ Award

Presented to

‘Mighty Little Man’

‘Little Man’, a male domestic house cat, (owner Jonny Payne), survived a combined total of eighteen events and ailments, over half of which were life-threatening, during his thirteen year life-span. He has three world records from WRA, is the namesake of his own book and proposed legislation in the USA (‘Little Man’s Law’), and is an inspiration to us all.
    The ‘Pet of the Year’ is awarded in appreciation to our furry and feathered friends who perform incredible acts of kindness, bravery, and loyalty.  World Record Academy has chosen ‘Little Man’ as the recipient of the ‘2016 Pet of the Year’ Award for his exceptional accomplishments.

Well done, Little Man.  Daddy loves you.

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