Meet Zak, The Highland Tiger


ZakZak, a Critically Endangered Scottish Wildcat.  Photo by Sue Arber.

One of the best things about writing a cat book is the people (and animals) you get to know because of it.

Meet Zak (photo).  He’s a critically endangered Scottish wildcat, or Highland Tiger, living in the Highlands of Scotland.  I had never heard of the Highland Tiger until someone in Scotland began to show an interest in Little Man and his book.  That someone is Maureen Laverman of Alford, Aberdeenshire.

Maureen and some friends have “a really strong passion” for these magnificent creatures and decided to try to do more to raise awareness and help in the survival of the Highland Tiger.  One of her friends, Sue Arber, is a photographer and routinely goes out and snaps photos of Zak, his babies, and other Scottish wildcats.

They have a Facebook group called Highland Tiger Fling where you can see more photos and learn more about their efforts.  I urge you to join their group to show your support for these wonderful felines.

Just look at Zak.  He’s wild, but couldn’t you just kiss him?  After all, he’s a “furbaby” too.


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