Simply Christmas 2015


Simply Christmas 2015

What a great day!  I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the 3rd annual Simply Christmas held at the Monte Sano United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama today.  It was awesome!

My book, Mighty Little Man:  My Story, His Story, Our Story (, was published over a year ago, but I have to say that today has been my most successful day so far.  I sold lots of books, both paperback and hardcover, and got into some “been there, done that” conversations with fellow kitty purrents.  We laughed, shared pictures, made friends, and just had a marvelous day.

Although it seemed everyone wanted a cat book today, I think the highlights at my booth were the large portrait of Little Man and my “Real Men Love Cats” T-shirt!  In fact, one woman told me to take it off and give it to her (she laughed).  Another handed me a card to local book seller and urged me to contact her about carrying my book in her store AND to help promote Little Man’s Law.  And yes, I let everyone who stopped at my booth, whether or not they bought a book, know about Little Man’s Law.

Then, to top it all off, the Alabama Crimson Tide won the SEC Championship tonight and are headed to the playoffs!!

Yes, it’s been a fantastic day!



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