“Mighty Little Man” by Carole Foret


Mighty Little Man PaintingMighty Little Man

I just picked this up a few days ago.  This is the second painting Carole has done for me.  The first, In His Arms, was included in my book, Mighty Little Man:  My Story, His Story, Our Story, and prints are for sale on my website at http://www.mightylittleman.com/in-his-arms.html.

This one is not framed yet, but I wanted to share it in remembrance of Little Man.

I’ve been asked, “What did you see when you looked at Little Man?”

I have to answer by saying, “I saw a living, breathing creature of God.  I saw a sinless soul with a fighting spirit.  I saw my best friend.”

Rest in peace, my Mighty Little Man.  I will love you always.


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