Little Man’s Law – Need Pictures!


Hello all!

By now you should be well aware of my efforts to convince Congress to enact Little Man’s Law.  This law will require a warning label on all pet food products containing adulterated ingredients, which are not only unsafe, but also illegal.  However, the FDA has chosen to allow the use of some types of adulterated ingredients—but only for pet food products, not human food.  I guess the FDA thinks our furbabies are “just animals.”

Among my many efforts to develop an argument for presentation to Congress is a petition I started.  Here’s the link:

Please follow the link and sign the petition.  Every voice needs to be heard.

And I have another idea for something that will be very helpful and hard-hitting, but I need your help.

I need pictures, lots of pictures.  I also need dates, specifically the month and year when your furbaby got sick from pet food products.  Cats, dogs, ferrets … I need them all.

So here’s what I’d like for you to do.  Please send me ONE picture of your furbaby along with the MONTH and YEAR when he or she got sick from pet food.  I know many pets died, but the month and year when they first got sick is what I need, not the date of death.

Send it via EMAIL to  In the subject line, put the date I requested.  For example, if your furbaby got sick from pet food in September 2012, then the subject of your email should be, “September 2012.”  Then attach ONE picture of your furbaby and send it to me.  Please feel free to include whatever you’d like for me to know in the body of the email.

You’ll LOVE what I have in mind.

Did I forget to mention an incentive?  There’s every possibility that if Little Man’s Law is passed, the pictures you send me could appear on the desk of the President of the United States when he signs the law.

So get those pictures and dates to me.  My little surprise is going to knock their socks off.

All the best,


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