Another Fan Review: Mighty Little Man


Here is a wonderful review of Mighty Little Man from Melissa (more on her below).  She titled it, “A Cat with Personality:”

For anyone who shares their home with animals, this book will make them laugh, cry, and nod their head in understanding. It truly is Jonny’s story, Little Man’s story, their story. As the tale unfolds, we discover Jonny’s interesting history and follow the development of his lifelong love and compassion for animals. We become part of the family. And then Little Man joins the tale… and takes over the story.

We share the ups and downs of Jonny’s journey with a special cat, Little Man. For those who think cats have no personality, I challenge you to read this book without a change of heart! Little Man is quite the character! Jonny’s tells the stories so many of us can understand, stories that highlight the human-animal bond and the joy it brings. Our lives are enriched through the pets who share our homes, Little Man and Jonny illustrate that perfectly. I look forward to following the story of Little Man and wish him (and Jonny) all the best!

Although Melissa and I have never met, we share a very special connection.  You see, Melissa is the sister of Dr. Jennifer Wagner, Little Man’s first veterinarian.  Dr. Wagner passed away several months ago of breast cancer. She was only 48 years old.

Dr WagnerDr. Jennifer Wagner (1967 – 2015) with two of her babies, circa 2006.  Photo courtesy of Dr. Lynn Batenhorst.

Thank you Melissa!

And thank you, “Jen.”  Until we meet again …

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