A New Addition to the Family


Last weekend, I posted this picture on Facebook:

Jonny and Chanel

I explained that I was supposed to be doing clothes, but Chanel decided she wanted some Daddy lovin’.

A few minutes later, a friend of ours posted this picture in a reply:

Scotty at the Hickams

Her comment was, “I have a special darling male kitten needing his forever home….”

I sent her a private message that I got her “hint,” but that I just wasn’t ready yet.  My beloved Little Man had passed away only very recently, and there was a lot going on.  I was preparing to get started on the sequel to Little Man’s book, and …

A few minutes later I sent another message and said, “Alright, gosh darn it, what can you tell me about the little guy?”

As it turns out, “some drunk redneck” was overheard by a friend of hers bragging that he had shot and killed the mama cat and then had thrown the kittens into the woods.  Her friend rescued the kittens and brought them to her.

I went that very evening to check him out.  When I arrived, the kitten was immediately placed into my arms.  The first things he did was kiss me right in the mouth, then again on the tip of my nose, and lick me on my chin.  Then he settled down for a little nap right there in my hand:

Jonny and Scotty at the Hickams

I should have known it was all over.

Caroline and I went the next evening to pick him up.

A few days later I took him upstairs to the man cave where Little Man and I had spent so much time together:

Scotty and Little Man

And life goes on.

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