From a Fan


Cherokitty & Sammie 3 Cherokitty & Sammie 2

Cherokitty and Sammie.

A couple of days ago I received the nicest email from a fan of Mighty Little Man.  She was delighted to get her copy of Mighty Little Man and took these pics of her cats Cherokitty and Sammie using the book as a pillow.  The pics were taken the day she got the book.

It was a lengthy email, put a true pleasure to read.  She shared a few of her own cat stories, about how she came to meet and marry her husband after discovering he was also a cat person (that meant he was a keeper).  She went on to describe how she loved and lost fur-babies and how she and one of her cats starred in a play called, “Visit to a Small Planet.”  Way cool!

As I read her email I was amazed at how much alike cat people really are — and emails like hers are one of the best reasons for writing a cat book in the first place.  Things like this make all the effort of writing, tweaking, researching, publishing, and promoting a book completely worthwhile.

She made my day.  Thank you, Caryl N.!  🙂

One thought on “From a Fan

  1. Aww, Jonny, you made my day, too! Cat people really do share a special bond, and I’m delighted to have made a new friend. I told Cherokitty & Sammie that you’ve made them famous, but they just slept through it all. Kitty purrs & head bumps, Caryl 🙂


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