It’s “the Little Man guy!”


Little Man Cuddling

I had to take Little Man up to Franklin, TN, for some tests.  A few minutes behind me was a couple with their own cat.  They were apparently there for the same reason.  Within minutes, however, we discovered that not only were we all from Alabama, we were all clients of Catisfaction Cat Clinic AND Dr. Gandy.  In no time at all we felt like fast friends.

Of course, the inevitable happened while we waited for our cats to be called:  we whipped out our phones and shared pictures of our “babies.”  The pic above of Little Man snuggling next to me in our recliner is one of the ones I shared.  We chatted and shared stories for a while, and then the woman said, “Oh!  You’re the Little Man guy!”  She recognized me and Little Man’s name from the poster in the reception area at Catisfaction.  That cracked me up!  I’ve been called lots of things, many I can’t publish here, but never “the Little Man guy.”  She also bought a copy of Little Man’s book.

So now I have another nickname … and I’m happy to wear that title!

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