Fun at the Southern Authors Expo!


From SAE

The best part, by far, of being an author at a book signing is the people who drop by to chat—and not necessarily about my book.

It’s great to see a group of people whip out their phones to share pictures of—no, not their children—their cats! Occasionally, however, someone has a story of their own to tell.

Like one woman (not the one pictured above) who was describing to me at the Expo the way she can tell which one of her fur-babies is responsible for delivering a “present” to her. She has both a dog and a cat and can easily tell the difference when, say, a dead mouse appears out of nowhere.

When her cat makes such a delivery, there is a dead mouse on the floor. When her dog makes the same kind of delivery, there is a slobbery dead mouse on the floor. To her, it really is that simple.

But to hear and see her facial expressions as she told another story about a mouse was one of the highlights of the day.

She was at home relaxing in her bedroom one afternoon when out of nowhere a live mouse ran across the bed. She screamed, of course, and it was her dog who came to the rescue. A split second and one little squeak later there was another slobbery dead mouse on the bed. Of course the dog kept pawing at the mouse to get it to play some more, unlike her cat which apparently looses all interest once the poor little thing is dead.

I was glad to hear I’m not the only one who sometimes feels as though I live in a zoo. Gotta love those fur-babies!

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