Video Editing Takes FOREVER (And then – you die)



I spent hours and hours and hours editing this thing. I watched all kinds of “how to” videos to help. I even bought some training software to teach me the ropes … but never went through the training. I just figured stuff out “on the fly.”

I submitted the finished product to my publicist, Wendy at Wynsum, and her team for a “murder board.” That’s what we call it in the Air Force whenever we prepare a paper or a briefing or something and need to have it reviewed before it’s presented.

Oh boy! They murdered it alright. It was waaaaaaay too long (at two minutes and four seconds). The individual shots were too long, and some didn’t make sense to anyone but me. Even the voiceover wasn’t right even though he did exactly what I told him I wanted. I found out it was because, for our second “take,” I had him sitting too far away from the microphone. It sounded like he was reading something from a great distance away. Bummer.

But I had another problem, and I did it to myself. I was scheduled to appear at a book signing at the Blountsville Public Library in Blountsville, Alabama. I wanted to present the video there, even if it wasn’t in its final form, to make the event a very special one. But it was scheduled only three days away.  There was no time for another sit-down with my voiceover guy. What to do?

Wendy to the rescue! She got me hooked up with none other than Stuart Langston at WDRM (FM 102.1) in Decatur, Alabama. She was right — his voice is PERFECT! I wrote out the script and sent it to him. He sent back a couple of takes, but they weren’t quite right. So, he called from his studio and recorded everything with me listening over the phone. I was able to “direct” him right there on the spot. In ten minutes we had everything done.

I did a quick editing job to get the voiceover included, cut back on the length of some of the shots and included a few more, and submitted it to Wendy and her team for another murder board.

This one was only slightly better than the first. It was still too long at about one minute and fifty-three seconds. They didn’t like the beginning. They didn’t like the ending. But it was good enough to show at the book signing. Woohoo!

Then just hours before the book signing, I got sicker than I’ve been in 25 years. I got one of those 48-hour bugs with all the “unpleasantness” that goes with it. I had to cancel my appearance. I couldn’t believe it. After all that work, I wasn’t going to be able to show a darn thing! I think that made me even sicker.

So it’s still not done. But I won’t give up! I really want to show it at my table during the Southern Authors Expo at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library on Saturday, March 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Don’t worry.  I’m hanging tough!

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