“Directing” Dr. Gandy — Yeah, right!


Little Man had to go see Dr. Gandy at Catisfaction for some real blood work, so I got the idea to try to recreate some shots to make them look like they were happening in “real time” like it was when Little Man’s terrible ordeal started. I called ahead and “warned” Dr. Gandy, and Kristee told her to get “all dolled up” for her big moments. We scheduled Little Man as her last patient of the day, just in case.

That’s when I realized an important limitation of my new GoPro: There’s no viewer. There’s also no zoom capability. You just have to sort of point it at the scene and hope for the best. But as far as sound goes, it picks up EVERYTHING!

Trying to “direct” Dr. Gandy was an adventure. At one point, I wanted to her to run into the lab and say, “I need a sample!” My instructions were clear: no smiling and no looking into the camera. So what did she do? She strolled in like she was walking along the beach with a Grinch-like grin on her face and looked DIRECTLY into the camera! Then she threw her hands up over her face and said, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

Check it out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmH7rrcJjmg

We laughed our butts off. At least I have some good stuff for the blooper reel!

I did manage to get some good shots while she took an actual sample of Little Man’s blood. If you can’t see her face during some of the shots in the final production, it’s because she can’t be serious for the camera even if her life depends on it. She was smiling the whole time! Little Man just lay there as if to say, “Y’all are embarrassing me.”

Dr. Gandy is the best vet I know, but she’ll never win an Oscar.

Stay tuned!

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