Lights, check … Camera, check …


Take Panel

My first little video, Little Man Christmas 2014, was shot with an old camcorder, and I had to get special software to download the shots to my home computer. Even though I didn’t say anything to her about making a book trailer, my wife, Caroline, knows me well enough to not be surprised at my announcement that I was going to try, and she knew I needed something better.  So she got me a GoPro for Christmas. Of course, she gave me the inevitable eye-roll and said, “You and that cat!” She even wrote on the nametag on the present:  “For His Little Buddy.”

Christmas Name Tag

Here we go!

OMG! The instruction manual is written in a teeny tiny type. Where’s my fourth pair of “old man” glasses?

On the plus side, there’s stuff in there in terms of capabilities that I’ve never heard of. I can even wirelessly hook it up to my iPhone and control the camera remotely. Cool!

Really looking forward to this!

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