I just got an incredible gift …


It’s an early Christmas present from my mother.  Here’s the story:

When I was about two years old (that was a long time ago), my mother used to read books to me on a regular basis.  Each night before bed, she would ask me to run get one of the many books she had for the purpose, and almost every time, I brought her the same book over and over again.  She grew absolutely sick and tired of this particular book, but she read it to me anyway.  She said she read it so many times that I had it practically memorized.  There was one point in the story that I always anticipated where she would turn the page and read, “KERSPLASH!”  She said I always giggled uncontrollably, not only in anticipation of what I knew was coming, but especially the WAY she read it.

For years she’s been looking to replace it for me as a surprise, but never could find it.  Finally, my 32 year old son, her grandson, found it online just the other day.  They ordered it and told me to open it immediately upon arrival.  I got it today, Friday, December 5, 2014.

To my surprise, I think it’s an original (not a re-print).  It still has a price sticker on the front cover for 19 cents, and the copyright on the inside is from 1954 (written in Roman numerals).  It’s in marvelous shape, too.

But without further ado, here it is:  It’s Jim Jump, published by the Western Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks, Mama!!


Jim Jump

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