Mighty Little Man Just Published His Book!


Little Man with Book

There are no words to describe the importance of the picture above.

It’s been about 2-1/2 years since I first started working on my book, Mighty Little Man.  Last night, the book was published – but I didn’t do it.  The honor clearly belonged to someone else.

There was a time when Little Man not being here for this moment was a distinct possibility.  But we underestimated him – and the power of prayer.  Indeed, he’s here because of only one truth:  God saved Little Man!

So last night at about 8:30 PM, I set the cursor on my computer screen over the button that stated, “Publish My Book.”  Then I picked up Little Man, carried him to the computer, and watched as he used his paw to “click” the button – and we even took pictures!

The book popped up on Amazon.com just hours later, and already some of my closest friends have ordered their own copies.  They may even get theirs before I get mine!



Little Man about to click on "Publish My Book."

Little Man about to click on “Publish My Book.”

Little Man published "his" book!

Little Man published “his” book!

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